Our goals

System Trade Kft. has decades of experience in the production, management, buying and sales of pallets in Hungary as well as other Central European countries.

Our company is not only involved in the sales of pallets. We provide comprehensive service to our partners so they do not have to worry about administrative, logistical or storage tasks related to pallets.

Our aim is to make logistical processes cost-effective, transparent and easy to manage. We have already participated in a number of Hungarian and foreign projects that resulted in the significant reduction of costs.

Thanks to our partner network that spreads across Hungary, we are able to provide safe and certain pallet supply, service and logistics.

Our motto:
Correctness + Predictability = Reliability


To secure our reliability, we only buy and sell pallets that meet the requirements of international and Hungarian standards (e.g. UIC 435-2 in case of EUR-pallets), and we cooperate with authorized repair centers and manufacturers.

Looking for a fair and square partner in pallet management? Would you like to buy or sell pallets in a safe way? Need help with pallet storage or logistics? Need custom size pallets? You are looking for us! We are masters of all when it comes to pallets!

Dear Partner

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Call us!

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Have unused pallets of many sorts?
Let us sort out, qualify, repair and recycle your pallets!

Lots of administration and little storage capacity?
Constant stock issues?

Allow us to do the pallet management for you!

We solve your problems!

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Bartucz László Zoltán

Location, warehouse

Buying and selling pallets
1171 Budapest, Pesti út 484/b. (At Highway M0)
5600 Békéscsaba, Felsőnyomás tanya 253., 0793/27 hrsz.
3903 Bekecs, Tűzoltó u. 21. (belterület 729/4.hrsz.)

Opening hours: 7 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. (workdays)


Pallets takeover: +36 30 641 5000
Financial inquiries: +36 30 963 3239
[email protected]